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Providing a Full Range of Environmental Services

  TEC can provide a complete range of environmental services.  Our services include:

    Environmental Regulatory Audits

    TEC staff has extensive experience with the conduct of regulatory audits covering Federal, State, and local regulations for facilities throughout the Midwest.

    Phase I Site Assessments

    TEC staff has over 15 years experience with Phase I Site Assessments and has served on the ASTM 50.02 Committee since 1988, taking active part in the original development of the Phase I process standard (E-1527) and the 1997, 2000, and 2005 revisions.

    TEC staff served on the ASTM 50.02 Committee working with the EPA Negotiated Rulemaking Process charged with developing the new Code of Federal Regulations Part 312 defining all appropriate inquiry and the subsequent ASTM revision of the E-1527 Standard Conduct of a Phase I Site Assessment.

    Tier II Submissions (EPCRA)

    TEC staff prepares annual EPCRA Tier II reports for a wide range of facilities.

    Form R Submissions (SARA Title III)

    TEC staff has extensive experience with compilation of information and submittal of Section 313, Form R reports.

    Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)

    TEC staff has extensive experience assisting with interpretation and implementation of RCRA rules and regulations for Fortune 100 companies.

    Environmental Tracking

    TEC staff has set up and implemented environmental tracking systems at a wide range of facilities.  TEC develops both on-site and secure web based systems.

    Health and Safety Program Development and Administration

    TEC staff assists with development of OSHA required health and safety written programs, employee training, recordkeeping


    TEC participates in environmental organizations such as the Iowa Association of Business and Industry (including several IDNR task forces) and the Iowa Air and Waste Management Association (past-chair and director)

Liaison services between client and agency

Helping clients cope with environmental regulations
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